Listen-n-Play without Sheet Music

Have you been studying classical piano for decades but feel awkward when playing pop music? 
Can't play without sheet music? 

Our in-house developed pop piano course is perfect for you if you love playing Popular Songs, Music Accompaniment, or Singing while Playing the piano. Whether you're a classical piano teacher or a music enthusiast with zero experience, you can use your own ears to play improvisationally with ease. 

In fact, improvisational playing is easier to learn than traditional sight-reading, more fun, and can give you more pleasure and a sense of achievement. Since 2008, we have been developing this course, which has helped many piano enthusiasts to fulfill their dreams. 

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What is improvisation?

Improvisation is a form of spontaneous creative performance that doesn't require written or printed sheet music, nor is it entirely based on memorization, but rather a spontaneous form of musical art. 

It can be an instant creation by the performer or the addition of embellishments within an existing musical framework, showcasing the performer's skill and creativity.

who can enroll?

If you are interested in pop music and meet the following requirements, don't hesitate anymore, join us now!

- ​Anyone aged 12 or over
- ​Adult with zero background
- Music students
- Music teachers
- ​For interest only, not for exam
- Like to play pop songs, accompaniment, or sing while playing

Course Outlines

- Basic music theory
- Techniques for applying scales
- Fingering techniques
- Piano playing techniques
- Accompaniment melody and ensemble techniques
- Improvisational playing techniques
- Chord techniques
- Songwriting techniques
- Arrangement techniques
- Expression and emotional techniques
- Various music rhythms

course information

- Method: Training on Listen-n-Play technique 
- Music: Pop songs in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean etc.
- Size: Individual / Small Group
- Duration: Once a week, 1 hour per session 
- Length: ​Until desired level is achieved
- Time: According to agreed schedule 
- Location: Online / Offline 
- Software: ZOOM (for Online classes) 
- Language: Chinese / English


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